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Voted 2015 Best Pet Training Business in Indianapolis!

Voted Best of 2016 Dog Training Businesses in Indianapolis!

Lee's Dog Training Statement: Dog Behavior Training

​I use a complete dog training system that challenges the accepted idea that each dog is limited in its ability to be trained depending on its breed or intelligence level. I teach that all dogs are capable of perfect behavior and obedience in a very short period of time, regardless of their breed stereotypes or perceived intelligence. If we let go of some of our preconceived notions of what it takes to train a dog, we can see dramatic results that most people don't believe possible with their dog.

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We love seeing dogs transform into the perfect, obedient dog. We also love meeting the owners expectations on exactly how, and what negative aspects they want changed! Get a free consultation from us today!

As you can see from Lee's Best of Indianapolis for Pet / Dog Training, he is the best choice for your next dog trainer! Lee is a professional at training dogs, and teaching the best dog training classes! He has had such a large amount of success with it, people are coming from coast to coast for his expertise, for service dog training, kettle training, board and train, behavior training and more!

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Indiana Dog Training Near Me
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To train dog obedience, to fix your dog's stubbornness, or even turn your dog into a service dog.

If you're located in cities of Indiana such as Indianapolis, Pendleton, Anderson, Muncie, Fort Wayne, Carmel, Noblesville, and more. Lee trains dogs from all over Indiana and the United States!

Indiana Dog Training Near Me

If the countless awards given to Lee hasn't convinced you yet, perhaps our testimonials will! Not only have people wanting dog training in and around the Indiana area, got amazing results with their dogs from Lee's training, they couldn't bare not to share their results.

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Lee provides the best dog training classes for cities like

Carmel, Anderson, Pendleton, Indianapolis, Fort Wayne, Noblesville, and coast to coast!

If you're unsure about how the training goes, what will be taught, and how the entire process goes, feel free to check our services page and watch some videos from our Youtube channel!

We expect you to have some questions, so visit our FAQ'S Page, or contact Lee with your questions directly. We would love to answer anything you are wondering about!

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