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Lee's Dog Training Mission: Dog Behavior Training

1. To provide dog owners with the knowledge and skills to have a dog free of all bad behavior, regardless of the dog's past or current behavior.​

2. To provide dog owners with the knowledge and skills to have perfect obedience with their dog in any situation, regardless of the dog's past or current behavior.

3. Educate society on the dangerous implications of how food-based training directly causes disobedience, bad behavior, and aggression.

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Lee has a B.S. of Kinesiology from Indiana University. He taught physical education to elementary students for two years before he found his calling to become a professional dog trainer. His Dalmatian, Remy, was out of control! She became aggressive towards people and dogs. She was increasingly destructive in the house and the yard. She even pulled Lee's wife into a tree while chasing a squirrel! When Lee and his wife found out they were about to have a baby, they knew they couldn't have a crazy dog in the picture. Lee contacted multiple different trainers and dog enthusiasts describing his dilemma. They all recommended that Lee surrender his dog, euthanize her, or remove her from all interaction amongst people and animals. They said there was no hope for a hyperactive, aggressive dog to turn into a calm, relaxed, baby friendly dog. Lee wasn't satisfied with the "professional" training advice he received. He decided to train Remy on his own. Within two weeks, Lee was able to train his dalmatian to an amazing level! People were asking how Lee was able to quickly transform his crazy dog into a well behaved companion! Lee realized that many of his friends and families were going through the same problem. Lee began evaluating their training approach and found many mistakes. He realized that he had a gift for working with dogs that other people didn't seem to grasp. So he decided to start a dog training business helping other frustrated dog owners.